Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Surprise Blurb

Q: What's more exciting that receiving a new author blurb on your debut novel?

A: Receiving one from an author you didn't even know had the manuscript!

Yesterday I read and reread part of an email forwarded by my agent. I kept trying to figure out if I knew someone named Patty. Then I looked at the last name, and finally figured it out (bit of a dumbstruck, blond moment, I think).

Three Days to Dead is gritty, imaginative and a terrific read. Debut
author Kelly Meding is a real storyteller and I look forward to reading
more of her work. --Patricia Briggs, Mercy Thompson series

A real storyteller. As an author, I don't know if there are any three better words to hear about your work (except maybe "you're a best-seller," hehe). Thank you, Patricia!


Melissa nance said...

Don't be making fun of us blonds! LOL

MEGA HUGS and Tigger bounces for you!

alanajoli said...

Whee! Congratulations!