Saturday, August 01, 2009

Closer to Real

There are many, many steps on the path from contract to publication, and each one makes the entire thing feel more real. And I think I've stumbled into the next-to-last step right before holding the book in my eager little hands: reviews and promo.

One of the awesome reviewers who'd requested an ARC of THREE DAYS TO DEAD emailed me yesterday to say she'd received the manuscript. I had a brief moment of WAAHOO!!! followed by sudden terror.

It's one thing to convince an agent and editor your book is worth their time and investment. It's another thing to get wonderful cover blurbs from authors you adore. It's a fantastic feeling for folks to love your cover art as much as you do.

But hearing that a complete stranger will now be reading and reviewing this book I've lived with for the better part of two years? Terrifying.

It makes the entire thing seem closer to real. I didn't just imagine this book deal, or hallucinate the cover. Copies are going out. Strangers will be deciding whether or not they like it. Gak! I'm as scared of this step as I am excited by it.

So in the interest of not appearing too wussy about the whole thing: Bring it on!



alanajoli said...

*crossing my fingers for your good reviews!*

So, on the one hand, one step closer to real is a scary place to be. On the other hand... how cool is it that your baby is out with reviewers? It's a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you good luck on the reviews.

Linda Robertson said...

I totally understand this!!! It is this weird, wired place to be. Hopeful and fearful; armor's on, but you're ready to fling it off and hug someone, too. Perhaps it's like waiting on pregnancy results after peeing on that little stick? Perhaps its like waiting for the verdict in a court room? But all that aside, your book sounds FABULOUS and I can't wait to read it Kelly. I'm sure everything will be wonderful!