Saturday, August 15, 2009

FOX's Peter Pan and the Pirates

Every once in a while, I'll go browsing around YouTube. It's amazing what you can find on it, and somehow I found myself watching the opening themes to half a dozen different cartoons I loved as a child (My Little Ponies, Jem, Gummi Bears, She-Ra, to name a few).

Then I thought about a show I adored during its first run: Peter Pan and the Pirates. I was completely in love with this show, as it came on right around the time I was really discovering Peter Pan--the Disney film, the novel, and a few of the other novels that have come out since.

I remember loving the opening theme music, and after hearing it again, I still do.

And apparently all 65 episodes are available online.

Must. Resist. Time. Sink.

What old shows do you find yourself wanting to go back and re-experience?

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alanajoli said...

My favorite when I was little was always Cities of Gold. I ought to do a search for it and see if it's up anywhere...

I also loved Belle and Sebastian, but that was a couple of years earlier, before I'd really developed a memory for story elements.