Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Repo Men Trailer

I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. It's a fun, scary, morbid and lovely movie/musical, with awesome music numbers and an interesting lesson about beauty.

I also did a lengthy post elsewhere about a new film releasing in 2010 called REPO MEN. That REPO MEN is based on a novel by Eric Garcia, called "The Repossession Mambo," and besides the very, very basic premise (large corporation sells replacement organs for huge sums of money, and they repossess the organs when your outrageous payments are past due), the stories are wildly different.

Check it out.


I'm really excited for REPO MEN. There, I said it.

1 comment:

MrsMixx said...

oh i LOVE Repo the Genetic Opera! love it to pieces.
Repo Men sounds interesting, if only for the great actors in the cast!