Saturday, December 05, 2009

Weekly Round Up

Mother Nature is feeling a tad schizophrenic, I think. This past week we've had freezing temperatures, a tornado watch, torrential rain, bright sunshine and mid-sixties warmth, and now there's a small chance of snow. Oy.

Yesterday I spent a fun day Christmas shopping with my parents. We hit a local flea market first, and I found (to my delight) an omnibus edition of the 3-part Fear Street Saga. I loved Fear Street and Christopher Pike as a teen, so I'm pretty excited to sit down and reread this. I also picked up an anthology called "Werewolves," edited by Martin H. Greenberg. 22 stories featuring werewolves. I only recognized one author in the table of contents, but the stories look interesting.

After much successful shopping, we went back to my parents' house for dinner. My dad makes the best homemade spagetti sauce, and it's even better leftover. Then we watched the new Star Trek and, as predicted, both enjoyed it. My fourth viewing, and I still laugh at the funny scenes. Love this movie.

In book news, thank you to everyone who's mentioned book sightings in their area!

Anyone who still wants a chance to win a copy of THREE DAYS TO DEAD, you can check out a few different giveaways. Pop over to SciFi Guy's blog where Kelly Gay and I gave a rundown of our post-release weeks (he's giving away 3 copies of 3D2D and one copy of The Better Part of Darkness, courtesy of our publishers). Literary Escapism is still taking comments on which part of Dreg City you'd like to explore most. Both deadlines are December 8th.

Amberkatze's Book Blog had a giveaway poll for book you'd most like to win, and THREE DAYS TO DEAD was selected. Woot! So there's a copy up for grabs there, deadline Sunday (12/6).

THREE DAYS TO DEAD also made it onto two author's Favorite Reads of 2009 lists. The fabulous Jackie Kessler and Melissa Marr gave the shout-out over at the Book Smuggers this week, so thank you, ladies!

I was also fortunate to come home and find two new reviews.

Bitten by Books has a lovely review up. I was fortunate enough to meet Carol at Dragon*Con this past year, and was able to get her an ARC to review. One line in particular really made me happy, as identity (self and otherwise) is a big theme in the book.

In a story teeming with life that skillfully examines death, Meding provides food for thought on what exactly makes us who we are.

Last but not least, All Things Urban Fantasy has posted a very thorough and thoughtful review and a giveaway. She has three copies to give away, courtesy of Random House, and entry deadline is December 23rd. Stop by and tell her about a favorite Urban fantasy debut!

I think that's it for now.

Thank you, again, to everyone who's purchased and enjoyed THREE DAYS TO DEAD! Very soon I hope to post something and open up the comment section for Spoilers and book discussion. So if you have questions about the book, keep them in mind for that.

Happy reading!


Unknown said...

I was so jealous of Carol getting to review your book, because once we start on a series we get to review all the books from that author. I guess I can't complain I get arcs for all of Charlaine Harris's books.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Dude! You get to review Charlaine Harris ARC's!!! I'm jealous of you!