Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome

Every great once in a while, awesome news comes along that helps take the edge off the bad stuff happening in life. Case in point:

The bad: We still don't know what's wrong with Anya. Her blood work came back on Sunday, and it was clean except for a slightly elevated white blood cell count. So she went back to the animal hospital yesterday for a scope procedure and biopsy of her stomach and intestines. Scope showed everything looked okay, except for what the Doc called a slight "pebbling" of her small intestines (which are normally smooth). We still have symptoms. Biopsy results should be in tomorrow or Thursday (hopefully Santa brings good, curable news).

Poor kitty also had a feeding tube inserted into her belly, since she hasn't eaten anything solid in two weeks.


The blue sock thing is to keep the tube in place and prevent it from snagging. It also shrinks her waist and accentuates the fur around her arms, so she looks like like a poodle when she stands up. But she's getting food, antibiotics, and nutrients, and so far (*fingers crossed*) she hasn't thrown anything up. (hasn't come out the back end yet, either, but we're waiting...)

Needless to stay, I didn't sleep much last night. Every time she moved, I woke up. But sleep's overrated, yes?

So what's the good?

The lovely Jackie Kessler passed along the heads-up that THREE DAYS TO DEAD is reviewed in the Feb. '10 issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine. 4.5 stars, baby!!!!

Here's what they had to say (and there is a minor spoiler in the review, so if you hate spoilers, only read the first two sentences).

Meding delivers a thrilling urban fantasy full of desperate humans and menacing evil. Especially impressive are her worldbuilding skills, which she uses to deftly paint a portrait of a city on the edge of disaster. Readers will also be impressed by her strong depiction of Evy as a survivor who realistically handles not only the shock of being reawakened, but the trauma of a past rape and the barrage of new threats from all sides. (4.5 stars)


Oh yes, the other good news--I have seen a not-final version of the cover for AS LIE THE DEAD, and it is amazing. Once again, it's exactly what I was hoping for in terms of who and what. I think I love it more than the THREE DAYS cover.

Alas, I can't share it yet. But I just couldn't resist teasing!


Mac said...

w00t! Very good and awesome news. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for the kitty. :(

Barbara E. said...

Hope you discover the problem with your Anya and it is something that can be easily taken care of. Congrats on the great review.

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Thank you for the warning about the spoiler. Three Days to Dead is next on my reading list!

Awesome news about the new cover. I know how excited you were about this one, so that's great!

I hope Anya gets better soon. :(

Anonymous said...

I hope Anya gets better soon. She is lucky to have some very good humans servin...I mean caring for her.

As for the book review-way to go!

Unknown said...

Congrats on review! Give Anya a snuggle (gingerly) from me. Hope they figure out what is wrong and can fix it soon.

Happy Holidays!