Wednesday, October 08, 2008

10-09-08 and Other Random Things

Yes, tomorrow's date amuses me.

Fall has definitely settled in here on the Eastern Shore. The leaves are falling, the sweaters are coming out, and the porch plants are coming in. I broke down and turned on the heat last night. I've never had to heat a two-story house in winter, but our landlord offered us a kerosene heater to use downstairs. We may take him up on that.

In writing news, I turned in the first round of edits for TDTD on Monday. I had to tell myself to stop picking at it and send. I could tweak for hours. Yesterday I managed to get back into writing mode (Yay!) and added 9 pages to the sequel. Right now, I'm calling it AS LIE THE DEAD, but I'm waffling. I picked it out of a poem that I liked and was applicable to the story. It's just not as snappy as I'd like. Oh well. TDTD could change, too, before the process is done.

And for complete universal randomness, here's a funny story from this past Saturday. This gets filed away under "if I wrote it into a story, everyone would scream easy coincidence!"

I attended a regional meeting for my management position, in a store in Crofton, MD. Other managers were there from about twelve different stores, including the first store I ever worked for in Rehoboth Beach (it's been five and a half years). We were all taking seats and chit-chatting, and the two managers from Reho sat across from us Salisbury girls. We all said hi, and it occurred to me that the one lady seemed familiar. I just didn't ponder it.

We went around and introduced ourselves. I remember hearing her say her first name, Lisa, but again, not really paying attention. I was the final person to intro. Lisa looks at me and says she thinks she knows me or my sister, and asks what my last name is. I tell her. Now I'm starting to realize yes, I think I know this woman, too. She says she thinks her ex-husband worked with my mother.

I stare, then ask what her last name is. She tells me. Holy crap!

I used to babysit her kids when I was in high school. I remembered their names. I remembered their house. The very last night I sat for them was the night Princess Diana died (I was watching news footage in their kitchen when they came home). She showed me pictures. Her oldest is a senior at Temple, on a full academic scholarship! I couldn't believe it.

Small, small world.

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