Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saw V

I have a confession to make: I hated the first Saw film. I thought it was boring and confusing, and barely remembered it being in theaters (I rented). The major twist about the "dead body" in the bathroom was cool, but overall? Didn't like it. So the only reason I rented the second one was because of Donnie Wahlberg. And I really liked Saw II. I liked the characters and twists, and the way it connected to the first movie.

So I rented the third movie, because of spoilers that Donnie was in this one, too. Liked that one, was well. Not as much as the second, of course. So I went back and watched the first movie again, sure I'd missed something the first time around. And I think I had, because on second viewing, I liked it much more. And no, I don't like these movies for the gore. I like them for the growing mythology and puzzle that builds with each installment.

Anyway, finally hooked on the series, I actually spent money to see Saw IV in the theaters. And I was a little angry about that. I found it terribly confusing, with too many parallel story lines flowing into each other, out of each other, around each other, and bleeding into other stories. It was a gamble to put so much information and so many timelines into one film, and I think it could have been done better. It took two DVD viewings to figure it all out.

I was iffy when I first saw previews for the fifth film. But I treated myself to it anyway.


Even with black hair, I look at Julie Benz and all I see is Darla (from "Angel"). And Carlo Rota will forever be Chloe's ex from "24." She so would have sicced Jack Bauer on Hoffman's ass for blowing up her hubby like that. *g*

But the story wasn't bad. I like how the movies go backward and fill in details and gaps from previous films, and show how everything and everyone is connected. This time the main story was more about the cat-n-mouse with Hoffman and Strohm (and boy wow, that little fistfight at the end was kinda hot) and how Hoffman was recruited by Jigsaw, than about the people in the Jigsaw traps. Which was cool. Less gore, more story.

Best lines were near the end, when the two trap survivors realized what they had done wrong since the beginning of the ordeal.

Mallick: Whoops.
Brit: Yeah, big fucking whoops.

And I can't help but love that music. Once the first few chords of the closing theme start, you know it's time for the dramatic wrap-up (and usually something quite painful for the "hero"). Poor Strohm. OUCH.

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