Sunday, April 26, 2009

Contest Details

Alrighty, seeing as tomorrow marks six months until Street Date, it will also be host to my first Countdown Contest. I'll be hosting six of these, all on or around the 27th of each month (although August will either be early or late, because I believe my vacation begins on the 23rd).

Hopefully each contest will be fun for you guys, and each will come with a prize. As a BONUS for playing along, each single contest winner (winner for April, May, June, etc...) will automatically be entered into a drawing to be held in October, to win a signed copy of THREE DAYS TO DEAD.

So, on with the details.

Countdown: April will be a 10-question quiz/scavenger hunt. It's not multiple choice. You'll have to find the answers. The topic is somewhat narrowed down to SF/F/Horror films and television shows. Some are obscure, some are popular. Most of the questions relate to the critters in the Dreg City/Evy Stone books in some way.

I decided to change it from a "first person to correctly answer all wins" format, because it's limiting for folks who work and aren't on US time. So, all folks who send me ten correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win the Swag. I will post the questions to my blog tomorrow morning (Monday, April 27th) around 8 am EDT (barring disaster). Please don't answer them in the comments. All answers must be emailed to me [ mail (at) ]. I will keep the contest open until 8pm EDT, so you'll have a window of twelve hours to play. Again, everyone who submits all ten correct answers will be entered into the drawing to win.

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Easy, no?

Oh, yes. I mentioned Swag. You wanna know what you win.

The swag: a $10 B&N gift card, Professor Dalrymple's Fairy Catching System, and two fun sticky note pads from a company called KnockKnock. One says NOTE TO SELF (and has options such as Urgent, Relay, File Away, and Put in Novel) and the other says BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

And don't forget, the winner of Countdown: April is automatically entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of TDTD in October!

Questions? Comments?

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alanajoli said...

Awesome! Coming back tomorrow... :)