Saturday, April 25, 2009

Writing and Planning

So what have I been up to since Monday? Writing and planning, mostly.

The writing has been the fun part. I've been working on a short story that I'm currently calling "Bird-Watching." It's a mixed-POV story set about two years prior to the events in Three Days to Dead, and introduces us to a minor character from the book. Well, minor as in overall page-time, but not in terms of plot importance. Writing for Original Recipe Evy is a kick, because her perspective on the world (and the creepy things in it) is so black-and-white. And it's giving me a few little details I can plug into As Lie the Dead. So keep your fingers crossed.

The planning has times stressful, and at times kind of fun. On Tuesday morning, the man we rent our house from calls and says he's getting out of rentals and will be selling all of his properties. Including our house. *headdesk* He did say he wanted to offer it to us first, before it went on the market. Not that me or my roommate are even in the market to buy a house. So we have roughly three months to find a new place and move.

I'd like to stay in this town, but I also wouldn't mind moving a bit closer to Salisbury (where we both work). Fortunately, there are plenty of places for rent around here, and all at competitive rates. I had just hoped to be here at least two years before moving again. My dad hasn't completely recovered from last summer.


alanajoli said...

Alas for having to move again! My husband and I had one year where we moved five times. We're very glad to have bought a house now, so we know we won't be moving for awhile!

The writing sounds great, and I love that your short story has given you insight into book 2.

Bill Barnett said...
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Bill Barnett said...

Moving sucks, Kelly. It's even worse when it's not your idea!

Sorry to hear that you'll have to go through that.


Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

alana - yikes! I'm having a hard time thinking about twice in one year, but five times? Wow.

Bill - Thanks. I keep telling myself it will make the summer go faster, thereby making October get here sooner. Heh.