Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Round-Up

Well, it's been a hectic couple of days. On Thursday, my dad and I went to an auction in Lebanon, PA, and bought some fun stuff. We do some side selling on eBay and at flea markets, so we were stocking up a bit. I managed to pick up some awesome things from my childhood: the My Little Ponies Show Stable and Nursery playsets, with most of their furniture, and about ten ponies. I still need to wash them (dirt accumulation points toward being in someone's garage for a while), but they're both in good shape.

I couldn't even tell you where Friday went, but yesterday was spent cleaning and cooking in preparation for today's Easter dinner guests. Let me tell you, chicken pot pie is not as easy to make as my mom always made it seem. Plus, I stole a method from Semi-Homemade and concocted a yummy-looking lemon pudding cake (and I say "looking" because I haven't tried it yet).

Saw the movie "Quarantine" last night. The shaky camera was starting to make me seasick, but as far as horror films go, this one rates up there. Good set up, good build of tension. My only complaint was the final scene--given the "we aren't really sure what's going on" vibe from the rest of the film, it felt unnecessarily tacked on. That's about all I can say without spoiling it.

Gotta finish making crusts for the pot pie. I'll leave you with this thought to ponder: if the Easter Bunny was a paranormal creature, what species would he be?

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