Monday, April 27, 2009

Countdown: April Questions!

ETA: I'm extending the deadline for turning in answers. You've got until tomorrow, noon-ish, EDT. :)

Naturally, Blogger would choose this morning to act weird on me. Arg!

Anywho, moving on to the fun stuff...

Feel free to ask questions or make comments on the blog, but remember! All answers must be sent to [ mail (at) ] in order to be entered into the drawing. I'll reply to all entries (at some point during the day) to let you know if you answered correctly or not, and if you're in the drawing.

Good luck!


1. In "School Hard," a season 2 episode of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer," what is Spike's first spoken line (this is also his first appearance on the series)?

2. According to the film Gremlins, what are the three basic rules for raising a Mogwai?

3. What is the name of Piper's night club on the television show "Charmed"?

4. In The NeverEnding Story, what is the name Bastian gives to the Childlike Empress? (the answer here is based more on the book itself, since it's dang hard to hear what he's shouting into the storm at the end)

5. Which former 70's icon has a small role in the 1986 film Troll?

6. On the short-lived 1998 television drama "Brimstone," the main character, Ezekial Stone, dies and is sent to Hell for what crime?

7. In the climax of the 1987 cult classic The Monster Squad, what is the single word Frankenstein says to Dracula right before he tosses him onto an iron spike?

8. In the UPN series "Special Unit 2," set in a modern Chicago crawling with creepies, what is the only mythical creature said to not actually exist?

9. Which Underworld vampire actor has also appeared in recent films potraying Davy Jones, a German general, and a zombie?

10. What film helped create the Academy Awards category for Best Makeup, and garnered a first-ever win (in this new category) for makeup artist Rick Baker?


alanajoli said...

Holy cow, Kelly, this is a whole lot of SF geekery!

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

Oh dear, my geekery is showing again...


Tori O. said...

I know only one of them for sure, lol.

I totally can't wait for your book to come out so I can go into the bookstore and say, "I know this cool chick!"