Saturday, April 04, 2009

Something Fun in the Works

First, I have to say the response to the cover for TDTD has been overwhelmingly positive. Comments in various places have ranged from "I want her abs" (me too!), to "I want her hair" (ME TOO!), to "If I saw that in a bookstore, I'd stop and pick it up" (YAHOO!). So thank you to everyone who gave a shout-out! You are all awesomesauce!

Mostly, though, I want to tease y'all a little bit. With a bit over six months until Street Date, I'm in the planning stages of a six-part contest/giveaway to be hosted here on my blog. The first five parts will be smaller contests (with prizes), one a month, each leading up to the final, sixth Grand Prize contest in October. I'll have more details as I finalize things, but if anyone has ideas for for contests (I want to do a scavenger hunt one month) or prizes, feel free to comment.

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