Sunday, May 28, 2006

Bauer versus Bauer

This is what a small group of writers do in a chat room on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And just an FYI, the real and were not actually there. But I'm sure y'all knew that.

The Actors
Peggy as Barbara_Bauer
Chaostitan as Jack_Bauer
Serenity as Tony_Almeida
Shwebb as Jenna_Glatzer

It was a dark and stormy, seriously.

[Barbara_Bauer] Jenna are you ready to rumble?
[Jenna_Glatzer] Barbara! DArling! I'm a big fan! me/ smooches Barbara
[Jenna_Glatzer] me/ smooches Barbara
* Barbara_Bauer wipes off smooch
[Jenna_Glatzer] Okay, now it isn't working. Crapola.
[kaostighten] backslash is in the wrong place Jenna
* Barbara_Bauer reminds Jenna itt's /me
* kaostighten is now known as Jack_Bauer
[Jack_Bauer] I've warned you about using my name, Babs.
[Jenna_Glatzer] Oh. /smooches?
* badducky indignantly munches on baby carrots.
* Barbara_Bauer waves to Jack
* Jack_Bauer (smooches)
[Jack_Bauer] dang
[Jenna_Glatzer] oh. me/ smooches?
[Jack_Bauer] no
* Barbara_Bauer thumbs her nose at Jenna
[Jack_Bauer] move the / to the other side of me
[Jenna_Glatzer] me\ waving
[Jack_Bauer] yikes
[Jenna_Glatzer] nope. won't work for me!
[Jack_Bauer] its /me waving
* Jenna_Glatzer waving.
[Jack_Bauer] There ya go!
[Barbara_Bauer] :)
[Jack_Bauer] Fire alarm is off again.
[Jenna_Glatzer] Oh-kay. I"m dumber than usual!
[Barbara_Bauer] Jenna: ha! I've got you all kerfuffled
[Jenna_Glatzer] I did. THanks.
[Jack_Bauer] I'll kerfuffle you, Babs!
* Barbara_Bauer ducks and swings at Jack
[Jenna_Glatzer] Babs, honey! You're going to die a slow, painful, riddled-with-links death.
[Barbara_Bauer] No, no, not the link death!!!
[Barbara_Bauer] Anything but that
[Zonk] *eyes BB suspiciously*
* badducky wades through the sea of satire and reaches for the pearl of widom.
* Barbara_Bauer informs badducky that isn't really a pearl
* Jack_Bauer tackles Barbara to the ground
[Zonk] *blinded temporarily*
* Jenna_Glatzer listening to iPod that peeps bought her.
* Barbara_Bauer kicks and screams
* badducky knows that it is a pearl if Barbara Bauer wants me to avoid it.
* Barbara_Bauer pinches Jack
[Jack_Bauer] OUCH
* Jack_Bauer karate kicks Babs
[Zonk] this is almost as good as the play...
* Barbara_Bauer falls on ass
[Jack_Bauer] Careful, lady! I killed a guy with my feet once!
[Barbara_Bauer] by the smell?
[Jack_Bauer] Yes.
[Jack_Bauer] Wanna sniff?
* Barbara_Bauer gags
[Jack_Bauer] Jack is kicking Barbara's azz. With stinky feet
[Serenity_] cool :D
* Barbara_Bauer runs up behind Jack and sucker punches him
[Jack_Bauer] Spoil sport!
* Barbara_Bauer doesn't like to play fair
* Jack_Bauer does a sit and spin, and hits Babs in the ankles
[Barbara_Bauer] mwa ha ha
[Barbara_Bauer] oof
* Serenity_ is now known as Tony_Almeida
[Jack_Bauer] "Barbara Bauer, you have the right to remain silent."
[Tony_Almeida] Can I help, Jack?
* Barbara_Bauer crawls over to Jack and bites him in the knee
[Jack_Bauer] Woohoo.....ack!
* Tony_Almeida Tony grabs babs by the hair
* Tony_Almeida and yanks, *hard*
* Barbara_Bauer pulls out the bobby pins holding her wig
[Jack_Bauer] Tony! Look out!
* Barbara_Bauer lets TOny have her hair
[Zonk] o no not the wig! *covers eyes*
* Barbara_Bauer staggers back
* Jack_Bauer stares at Bald Babs
[badducky] Well, this has been... Something.
* Jack_Bauer bows
* Barbara_Bauer cringes
* Tony_Almeida Tony stumbles back as he is shocked beyond reasoning by the hideous nature of the 'true' Babs
* Barbara_Bauer give the evil eye to Tony
* Jack_Bauer snatches the eye away and throws it into the ocean!
* Barbara_Bauer falls down, her power gone
[Jack_Bauer] Just in case
* Barbara_Bauer vanishes in a puff of smoke
[Jack_Bauer] Ha! We have foiled your evil plot! You shall ensnare and eat newbie writers no more!
* Barbara_Bauer is now known as Peggy
* Jack_Bauer is now known as ChaosTitan
[ChaosTitan] That was fun
[Peggy] and only a faint "I'm a real agent" could be heard, carried by the wind

Special thanks to Zonk, badducky, Peggy, Serenity and Shwebb for participating in this cathartic farce (or ignoring us while we participated).


Anonymous said...

You just had to be there :-}

Peggy K said...

That was fun!

ohdawno said...

I gotta visit chat more often.

Unknown said...

hehe I wish I hadn't missed that.

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

BeelzeBarb stepped on the wrong toes this time.

Alan Yee said...

Dawno, it was so much fun in the chat room yesterday. I was BeezleBarb (our new nickname for BB) and snatched DamaNegra and tied her to the hellhounds, only to be saved by someone else (I forget who). In the end, DamaNegra kicked my ass and I was cooked and eaten for dinner.

I never had so much fun before.