Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Celebrity Sighting...Sort of

So a customer walks into the store yesterday. He is greeted, per usual standards, and allowed to carry on his merry way. I recognize him as a customer I've seen before, noteworthy because of his height. Tall, good-looking men always catch my eye.

I didn't think much of it until Dean, one of my co-workers, comes rushing up toward the cash stand, giddy as a six-year old on Christmas morning. He keeps hissing, "Redskins, Redskins," like it's a magical chant. For a moment, silly me thinks he's being un-PC about Native Americans.

Seems that Washington Redskins QB Jason Campbell likes to shop in the Retail Home Furnishings Store that I call, home.

Now if I was a football fan, I probably would have been as excited as Dean. Sports just don't thrill me.

Now if Patrick Dempsey had walked into my store, I probably would have peed myself.

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Sounds of Serenity said...

Do you know how many of my kids you would have as life-long friends if I told them about this?? :P :P