Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fight or Flight

It took me a few minutes to pick myself up off the couch last night after the season finale of Grey's Anatomy was over. I felt like I'd been sucker punched. But in a good way. In the way that only a truly amazing television show can punch you. Such exquisite pain.

I actually ranted a bit about the ep on a thread at the AbsoluteWrite message board, so I'll just repeat myself a bit.

The theme of the show was the fight or flight instinct, and I thought that Cristina was right in character. And as strong a person as she is, when it came to that moment where she had to be strong for Burke (for someone who always knows what to do), she froze. She fled. I never imagined her as the "flight" person, but that's what makes her so interesting.

And as much as I loved Denny, I can't help but see this as some sort of penance for Izzie. She's been acting like a total lunatic for the last four or five episodes. While I liked the whole "I cut the L-VAT wire" scene in the Chief's office, what she did was wrong. Period. Izzie has come a long way from the bubbly, blonde "Let's all be friends" girl she was in the pilot.

How much do I love Alex? The truth teller. No matter all the dumb ass things he does, or the stuff he spews from his mouth, in the end he always does what's right. He got through to Izzie when the others were powerless to help.

George and Kallie. Still not sure what I think about her, but I'm so glad George and Meredith finally had that talk. Where HE finally said he was sorry. Now maybe we can lay that unfortunate plot twist to rest.

Addison needs a big old hug. I think she knows that her marriage is basically over, she just doesn't want to say it. Or to hear Derek say it.

Poor Doc!

Let's see....the Prom thing was funny and sweet, but was anyone else a little confused? I mean, Camille passed out during intercourse, right? Don't people usually save that moment for *after* they've gone to the prom? Go, dance, drink the spiked punch, then go off to the hotel? So either she got two Proms for the price of one (which the poor girl deserved, I think), or she got busy before she even hit the dance.

How great does Patrick Dempsey look in a tux? ::puddles::

Meredith had her McDreamy!!!

And wow, what a scene!!! Although I spent half of it wondering who was going to walk in on them mid-coitus. Kinda glad they didn't get interrupted, though. "Meredith, what does this mean?" And no answer for him. ::sigh::

My advice for Meredith next season: Let Finn take you home. Give him a little good night kiss, lock the door, and then tend to poor Izzie. Think of your friend right now!

How long until next season?

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